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Insuring Your Cargo

According to our Policy, cargo is covered up to $400.00 per shipping  shipment.

(Unless excess value of cargo has been declared and insurance has been purchased.)

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a marine insurance policy that covers your vehicle and shipping charges.  We provide Total Loss insurance. Total Loss replaces the value of the vehicle. Minimum of purchase is $10,000.

  • Total Loss Covers – 1.7% of value of  cargo.
  • Deductible for cargo insurance –  3% of insured value.

Please note that Most of Cargo Insurance coverage initializes once cargo is loaded on to the vessel at origin and seizes to be active once cargo is discharged from the vessel at the final destination please inquire with in for further details.

*INSURANCE RATES MAY VARY Inquire with-in (depends on origin, destination, mode and commodity type)

Please ask about marine insurance when booking your order.