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Boat Shipping

Boat Shipping from the USA Overseas.

We specialize in shipping  any size boats and yachts overseas in containers, on flat-racks and via roll-on/roll-off service. We can  ship your boat worldwide!
We have a highly experienced boat shipping team.  We specialize in shipping boats and yachts of all sizes.

Local Transportation

We can transport your boat or yacht from boat dealers or auctions to shipping terminals.

Ocean Transportation

We ship yachts, sailboats, speedboats, and other watercraft from the USA to worldwide destinations, including Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Dubai.  We offer the following ocean freight shipping methods:

  • Standard ocean containers (20’, 40’ or 45’)
    Our account executives  will help to determine if this is the best option based on the size of your watercraft.
  • RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off)
    With this form of shipment, a trailer-hitched boat is towed onto the ship and secured for transit.  Depending on the condition of the watercraft and its destination, our process also includes washing and fumigating when necessary. We can also shrink-wrap cargo for extra protection.
  • Flat rack shipping
    Straps are used to secure the watercraft to a flat rack, which is a non-enclosed container, and then loaded onto the transport ship. This method is best for oversized watercraft. 
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