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Exportable Titles

Eligible For export :

All States Salvage Certificates

All States Non-Repairable Certificates

FL Certificate of Destruction

Notarized Bill of Sale from All States When Car is 25+ years old

Virginia Non-Repairable Certificate

Mississippi Non-Repairable Certificate

Kansas Non-Repairable Certificate (except from NY/NJ)

Guam Certificate Of Ownership

IL – Junking Certificate

IA – Junking Certificate

MI – Scrap Certificate of Title

MS – Affidavit of Abandonment

NY – Bill of Sale, if vehicle is older than 1973

NH Bill of Sale, if vehicle is 15 years or older

RI – Bill of Sale, if vehicle is manufactured in 2000 or older

NY – MV907A ( if DMV record does not show previous title active or lien)

Original Disposal Authority Certificate signed by judge

Affidavit Of Abandonment


Non-acceptable Bill of Sales:

DE – Parts Only

IN – Bill of Sale – Parts Only

MD – Parts Only – No Title Letter

MI – Scrap – Bill of Sale

MT – Bill of Sale – Parts Only

NY – Bill of Sale

NY – MV907A- Parts Only W/Lien holder

NY – MV907A- Parts Only

NY – MV-37 – Dismantle or Scrap

FL – Cash for Clunkers

HI – Bill of Sale – Parts Only

CA – Acquisition Bill Of Sale

CT – Bill Of Sale-Salvage

Canadian title and/or registration and/or Parts only

Additional processing time required:

GA – Bill of Sale minimum 6 weeks or more

CA – Bill of Sale 8 weeks (frequently behind on processing, can be more)

KY – Bill of Sale 3 weeks (from TX could be exported immediately)

WA – Bill of Sale 2 weeks (from TX could be exported immediately)

WI – Junked vehicle bill of sale: 6 -8 weeks

AK – Bill of Sale – Junk (approx. 4 weeks)

CO – Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 4 weeks or it could be exported out of TX immediately)

MN – Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 4 weeks)

NC – Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 2 weeks)

OH – Bill of Sale – Destruction Only (approx. 2 weeks)

SC – Disposal Authority Certificate (approx. 3 weeks)

TN – Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 7 weeks)

DC – Government Parts Only – Salvage

Lien Sale Documents – 4-6 weeks

US Government Certificate to obtain a title (approx. 2 weeks)

MCO – Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (approx. 2 weeks)

NY – MV907A ( if DMV records shows active title or open lien record, then we have to apply for new title in order to remove that record. It could take 1-2 weeks)

CT – Ownership Transfer from Salvage – (approx. 3 weeks)

* Application for duplicate title (can be rejected by the DMV for requiring inspections that would require the car to be fixed or past registration fees can be required to be paid which if not done will result in no title being sent)