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Auto Shipping

We provide transport of automobiles domestically in the USA, Europe, Eastern Europe, as well as to any international destination.

We offer a 100% damage-free guarantee transportation. We offer several different services to our customers. For instance, we provide, expedited,  both open and enclosed car transportation for any type of vehicle ( vans, SUVs, motorcycles, exotic cars, boats and many more). In today’s market, the preponderant mode of ocean transport of SUVs, pick-up trucks and cars enclosed container loads. We also provide Ro Ro shipping (Roll on Roll off) and Air Shipping.

Containerized Ocean Shipment

TRT International developed an innovative and safe vehicle loading technique. This technique is based on the building of single, double, or triple wooden ramps inside of 40-feet standard and high cube containers. Our engineers improved the method of building reinforced ramps using premium lumber and straps. 

When your vehicle is being shipped in an enclosed container this ensures that there is no risk of damage from other vehicles,  debris, or weather conditions. This innovation virtually eliminates the possibility of damage to automobiles.


RO-RO (Roll-on Roll-off) This refers to the method by which vehicles and other towable cargo is loaded onto large ocean shipping vessels for transport overseas. All cargo loaded on the vessel is securely strapped.  The cost of Ro/Ro shipment will depend on the weight and size of the cargo along with the point of origin and final destination.

Air Shipping

Air Freight Service is a fast and convenient shipping method that is valuable to businesses needing to ship time-sensitive cargo. Our comprehensive International Airfreight Service is backed by our knowledgeable Transportation Specialist personnel, with expertise in the international market place.

Air Cargo Services:
  • Door-to-Door delivery
  • Airport-to-Airport delivery 
  • Door-to-Airport delivery